Something about me

A few lines of biography how I met technology and my progress...

I started exploring technologies at very early age. As a little kid I played video games and was very excited how they were developed. Then I started to develop the game using drag&drop editor GameMaker and when I was creating my own games I needed more than just GM UI. Then I started with GameMaker Language. And if you want to distribute the game, you need a web page. then I learned the basics in HTML, CSS and a little bit about JavaScript...

But whenever I wanted to modify (edit) something, I had to edit the source code while there were systems that allowed it to be edited directly on the page. So I discovered PHP and started with my first "CMS". And that take me to programming and I found out developing software is right to me. Then I tried many different languages and PHP, C# / Visual Basic (.NET), Java, Python are my the strongest. And last thing: I'm always like to experiment with something new 😊



The projects I worked on

Modular CMS with automated video and image processing.

Web app for streaming live video and chatting in rooms.

Robust mail platform and services for the demanding.

Fast download of videos and music from YouTube, SoundCloud and other services.


High availability CMS with video content processing.

System for analysing sports tippers and bets. It‘s delivering sports betting tips with a high success rate.


Powerful content managment system